danni in lisboa in arcadia

Stages: Life during Lockdown 
group exhibition | Jan 2021 
Monash Gallery of Art
860 Ferntree Gully Road, Wheelers Hill, Victoria, Australia

STAGES: life in lockdown includes work by people who lived through Victoria’s lockdowns during 2020 and 2021 as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic.


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Suddenly, in a matter of days, I was no longer on assignment in India, nor was I in my adopted home in Mexico, but in my childhood bedroom in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne in March 2020. Shell-shocked, grateful, discombobulated. I printed an image that hangs in my apartment in Mexico City, of my friend Danni, and watched the golden hour play over it every night,
as the rosellas and lorikeets broke into song, confused about what and where home is.

Poco a Poco 

solo photography exhibition | Jan 2021 
The Plant Charmer Store
149 Nicholson Street, East Brunswick, VIC, Australia 
10 photographs - various sizes 

Created across mexico and australia, the two countries photographer Laura May Grogan calls home, poco a poco is an ode to resilience,
the incredible and terrifying complexity of nature, and a personal journey out of australia’s covid-19 lockdowns in 2020.

For the last 5 years, Laura May Grogan has been in a perpetual state of movement. Working on commercial assignments throughout
mexico, the usa, asia and her native australia. After suddenly finding herself in medical quarantine en route to japan in march 2020, after a hurried exit of out india, away from her adopted home in mexico city, then during an extended (but necessary) lockdown she experienced a jarring 10 month lesson in privilege, humility, adaptability and patience.

poco a poco is some of her most personal work to date.

“In this moment globally when a microscopic virus could evolve so perfectly to remove our ability to use our most vital organs, when we had collectively facilitated incredible acts of cruelty upon each other whilst locally, I was severed from my community and my livelihood and was still healthy and completely overwhelmed by despair.

I needed to create photographs outside of my normal portrait practice to facilitate an emergence from this unsustainable locked down state. To see a world, although forever changed, that was still full of wonder, and of future. Connecting work created in Mexico, with a new series in Australia allowed me to be reminded that this place (mexico) that I love, although not accessible right now, continues to inform me personally and artistically. To be reminded that nature is resilient, beautiful… hopeful”

The cacti documented in poco a poco act as a metaphor for pragmatic optimism.

Complex, nocturnal and unique, the mechanisms that cacti have evolved to survive feel extra-terrestrial. cacti roots are shallow and wide spreading, seeking moisture and passing it amongst themselves in methods as complex as that of newly understood mycorrhizal networks.
Quietly, at night, many varieties of cacti open their stomata to take in carbon dioxide, breathing nocturnally, whilst growing, ever so slowly at a rate as slow as 2cm per year.

Mythologically, It was upon a cactus, that an eagle, eating a serpent, signalled to the aztezs the location of their permanent capital city. This is the cactus that appears on the mexican flag, the plant is intrinsically interwoven in the economical, historical, gastronomical and traditional systems of the country. There are no native cacti in australia and although not always welcome, it is an introduced species that thrives. Seeking to understand what it is to be a stranger in one’s own country both because of her absence from australia and a deeper acceptance of responsibility around being born on unceded aboriginal lands. Simultaneously she lives in the ethics of being a caucasian ‘ex-pat’ in a developing country, the cacti connects to over arching, ever present themes in Laura May Grogan’s work.

“After more than 4 years of living in Mexico City, people still kindly reply to my stuttering apologies for not speaking better spanish with 

“poco a poco” there is a pragmatic, encouraging optimism that comes with this phrase that the english translations of ‘easy does it’ or ‘little by little’ doesn’t convey. I still need a little bit of that optimism now.”

dancing not falling

alchemy of the found object 
group show | Feb 2021 
Trash Magic - Dirty Dozen
Campbell Arcade, Flinders Street, Melbourne, VIC, Australia 

Paper print mounted on glass 
153 x 86cm

Trash Magic invited 12 artists to display work in the historic windows in Campbell Avenue as part of their 'Alchemy of the Found Object' Group Exhibition.

Photographed and displayed in the same window, photographer Laura May Grogan continues her investigation into the humble plastic drop sheet (this one found in a colleague's car the day of the shoot) as a photographic device for abstraction, refraction, and glorious textured silky whooshiness. 

Roma Obscuro

Opened 2018
Co Estudio, Alvaro Obregon, Roma, CDMX
Centro Revelado 

Patricio Gallindo an architect and Laura May Grogan, a commercial photographer couldn't find a space in Mexcio City to develop and print analogue photographs, so they created their own. By combining their love of analogue photography, designing spaces for teaching and sharing pre-digital printing techniques, and a shared responsibility to preserve the knowledge of the dark room, Roma Obscuro was founded in 2019 on Roma's iconic Avenida Alvaro Obregon. 

an excert from published article HotBook : Laura May : La Magica Del Cuarto 
Nov 2019


Cuéntanos sobre Roma Obscuro y sobre la magia que tiene este lugar?

Todo sucedió porque quería crear un espacio en el que pudiera jugar a hacer fotos en la obscuridad con mi amigo Patricio. Ambos buscábamos tener un momento sin celulares, sin presión, para poder hacer magia.

Pato es un gran arquitecto, diseñador de interiores, fotógrafo, artista y siempre tiene las más locas ideas. Nos complementamos de una manera muy especial al trabajar juntos. Pato es el yin de mi yang sin duda. Así que, después de haber colaborado en varios proyectos juntos como el pop-up de Soho House en México, tomamos la decisión de abrir un pequeño lugar de revelado de fotografía análoga. La familia de Pato tenía ampliadoras fotográficas alemanas de los años setenta, entre otras herramientas clave para armar el cuarto obscuro y, poco a poco, con mucho amor, creamos este lugar en la colonia Roma.

El espacio está abierto al público; quien sea puede venir a tomar alguna clase conmigo o rentar el espacio para revelar. Me encanta que ya tenemos una pequeña comunidad de personas tanto mexicanas como de otras partes del mundo que están creando cosas muy interesantes en nuestro cuarto obscuro. Otra cosa muy linda que he notado en los miembros que vienen es ver lo relajados que salen después de trabajar aquí, como si revelar fuera un tipo de meditación en la obscuridad. Personalmente, es como veo mi practica artística en el cuarto obscuro. Es algo muy interesante porque casi nunca estamos en plena obscuridad, menos en esta ciudad; ni cuando dormimos. Casi siempre hay alguna luz, aunque sea pequeña, que logra entrar.

En mi opinión, los cuartos obscuros son necesarios en todas partes del mundo, pero más en una ciudad como la Ciudad de México. Aquí, necesitamos ese espacio para ser creativos en plena paz, sin distracciones, en plena obscuridad. ¡Ahí es donde sucede la magia!

read more at: https://hotbook.mx/laura-may/

Carpa // Habitat 002

group show | Feb 2018
Nogal, 218, Santa Maria La Ribiera, CDMX, Mexico

dia de los muertos 2017
Cotton Rag
205cm x 85cm 

Salon Acme 

group show | 2018
entrant - digital photograph


Virginia Woolf concluded, “a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction” this artwork uses ‘fiction’ interchangeably with any artistic medium to explore notions of economical and social privilege along with artistic, political and personal freedom and to ultimately question how the nature of a metropolis like Mexico City can be navigated by a female (artist).The artwork explores the idea of the flanuer;“a person who walks the city in order to experience it.” essentially functioning within an urbanspace“seeing and being seen”. Many argue that the female version of the flanuer, the flâneuse, can not exist, that the patriarchal systems imbedded into the design of modern cities restrict the movements of the flâneuse. In this way, women are “reduced instead to mere objects upon which the flâneur’s gaze alighted and delighted.” It is exciting to live in a time where this notion is strongly challenged both in academia and through the literal movements of women reclaiming the streets through protest, necessity or desire. I, the photographer, am inspired by Lauren Elkin’s ideas about female flanerie,“women have always walked, and on their own terms—even when society refuses to see them.” Although, like many women, I fear that the opposite is also true-to be seen too much.Whenever I return home to Melbourne, I am always struck by how little my movements through that city are restricted by the sun’s movements as they are here in Mexico City. It is interesting that in Melbourne I don’t equate clothing chooses as safe or unsafe, that I feel a fear in Mexico City, both inside and outside urban structures that go beyond being a foreigner in a foreign land. This artwork asks whether a female (artist) can engage and exist with equal freedoms as a male (artist) in a country where a women is raped every 4 seconds? Can the nudity within this image function as an act of rebellious flanerie when the only connection with freedom on the street is the projections of the city on the body? These notions of my personal restrictions completely disregard the social and economical privilege my heritage brings to my interactions with this city, that although I feel trapped in the room of my own by the dangers of Mexico City, I am set free economically and interact with the metropolis and it’s often inaccessible class systems by the body/skin in which I in habitat.In this way, peering into the street and in the artworkscase, into the camera, I also inhabit the space of a privileged observer, a flanuer in the most traditional sense. 

Tiembla la Tierra / Comienza el Canto

group show | Nov 2017
Ayuntamiento 80, Centro Historico, CDMX, Mexico
'Tres Dias en la cuidad'
Various sized framed prints & collection of handmade artists books. 

Fotos capturadas en las colonias de la Condesa y Roma Norte entre el 19 de septiembre 2:34pm y 21 de septiembre 8:32pm.


Este trabajo intenta mostrar la intimidad, rareza, fuerza, belleza, tristeza, confusión, transformación y bondad de un momento específico en la ciudad.


Estas fotos sirven como documento de los pequeños momentos, intercambios, decisiones y gestos ocurridos en la Ciudad de México.


Jugando el papel del espectador y participante durante este periodo de tres días, Laura May Grogan buscaba conseguir el balance de un periodismo fotográfico consciente; aquel de documentar un archivo importante a larga duración como también brindar dos manos para asistir, cargar y trabajar de cerca con los afectados.


La artista, LMG decide crear un libreto desplegable combinado con impresos que reflejan la intimidad de los momentos capturados por estas fotografías, usando como referencia la preciosa naturaleza y sencillez de un álbum familiar o las pequeñas instantáneas de los seres queridos  en un bureau.


La propia versatilidad de este formato también intenta explorar las diferencias culturales entre el país de origen de la artista; Australia, donde tradicionalmente se tratan estos acontecimientos trágicos y de emergencia de una manera más reservada y menos frontal, a diferencia de México donde tradiciones como El Día De Muertos destaca cierta normalidad cultural ante la muerte (y la vida) de una manera más directa y sensorial. En manos del espectador o coleccionista queda la decisión de abrir este libro reviviendo así las imágenes y/o atesorar este objeto.

Modohabitar - Charlotte Yazbek

group show | 2017
Ayuntamiento 80, Centro Historico, CDMX, Mexico
Various sized framed archival prints

Love Letters to Lockdown -Zine
Stay Soft / Alt House
Melbourne, Australia
Life in Lockdown - Group Exhibition
Monash Gallery of Art
860 Ferntree Gully Road, Wheelers Hill, Australia.
LookLookLockDown - Collaborative
Online/ Instagram
curated by Nicole Reed
Poco a poco - Solo Exhibition
Plant Charmer Store Featured Artist
143 Nicholson Street, Brunswick East, Australia. 

Trash Magic - alchemy of the found object-
group exhibition
Campbell Arcade, Flinders Street Station, Melbourne, Australia


Equinoccio - Group Exhibition *
No es una galeria,
Doctor Jose maria Vertiz 86, CDMX, Mexico*
60 minutes - Solo Exhibition solo exhibitor
Textrano, rio ebro 85, cuauhtemoc, CDMX, Mexico*
ASRC Charity Print Sale
Solo Online Exhibition
Asylum Seekers Resource Centre Donation
CCP Salon
Centre for Contemporary Photography,
404 George Street, Fitzroy, Australia
CreamTown Covid Artfair
325 Barker Street, Castlemaine, Australia.
Monster Children Annual 2020
top 5 finalist
6 Australia Street, Camperdown, Australia

Greengates International School
Life Drawing Model
Naucalpan, CDMX, Mexico
Roma Obscuro
Teacher, Technician, Owner at Photographic Darkroom space
Averon Obregon, Roma, CDMX, Mexico
we’re not here - film
on set still photographer
Baja California, Mexico

Maria Kalach : es el cuerpo
Luis G, Vieyra 38 interior 9, CDMX, Mex
Carpa | Nogal – Group Exhibition
Nogal, 218, Santa Maria La Ribiera, CDMX, Mexico
Diálogo de una posesión
Valle de Bravo, CDMX, Mexico
Modohabitar – 001/002 – Group Exhibition
Alvaro Obregon 151, Roma CDMX, Mexico
Salon Acne - Group Exhibtition
calle Gral. Prim 30-32 Juarez, CDMX, Mexico

Mooi Collective - Art Fair
Dr.Maria Vertiz 86, Doctores, CDMX, Mexico
Tembló la terra, Comienza el Canto - Group Exhibition
Ayuntamiento 80, Centro Historico, CDMX, Mexico
Noche de Autor
Bajo Circuito, la condesa, CDMX, Mexico
FORTHEART 35mm - Group Exhibition
Loop Bar, Johnson Street, Collingwood, Australia
Modohabitar – Charlotte Yazbek – Group Exhibition
Ayuntamiento 80, Centro Historico, CDMX, Mexico


IPF Photo Prize – Group Exhibition
Prize Winner
The Good Copy, Johnson Street, Collingwood, Australia
Click 2015 – Group Exhibition
Brunswick Street Gallery
303 Brunswick Street, Brunswick, Australia
Helen Grogan – Solo Exhibition
West Space, Level 1/225 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Australia

10x10 – Group Exhibition
UpStairsAtTheNapier – 210 Napier Street, Fitzroy, Australia
Lifelounge Exposed – Group Competition
No Vacancy Gallery,
4-40 Jane Bell Ln, Melbourne, Australia

CCP Salon
Winner Best Fashion Image
Center for Contemporary Photography,
404 George Street, Fitzroy, Australia
Melbourne Now
Camera Technician
Helen Grogan ‘Inside Vianne Again’
NGV, Melbourne, Australia

*cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic